We are Méndez Padilla Abogados, and we are a law firm with english-speaking lawyers and solicitors in Costa del Sol.

Whether you are a long-time resident in Spain or you just arrived to this country, we believe it is worth having strategical relationships with a law firm such as ours in order to look into any matter regarding law. From buying or renting a property, to judicial procedures, we can offer you a complete legal assistance that will satisfy all of your needs and interests.


Why Méndez Padilla Abogados?


  • Our experience: With more than 10.000 cases entrusted and solved, and over 35 years of experience, Méndez Padilla Abogados has both the knowledge and experience both in and out of court in order to make your operation is as successful as possible.
  • Customized and comprehensive legal assistance: In Méndez Padilla, we know that each case has its own background and specialities. That is why we analyse every case thoroughly, designing the strategy that suits it best.
  • A relationship built on trust: We make sure that the costs of our services are known beforehand at every time. You will not pay a bill that has not agreed upon, and any invoice will be accompanied with a document detailing the services included in it. We also make sure to discourage our clients from initiating any legal actions if the most probable outcome does not benefit your interests.
  • Complete legal coverage: We are specialized in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Real Estate Law, Financial crimes and Extrajudicial conflict resolutions. Also, since we are conscious that trying to cover every branch of the law would result in a less efficient work and a less satisfactory experience for our clients, we have been teaming up with various firms of our trust throughout the years, making it possible for us to refer you to the firm that we believe would take care best of your case in case that Méndez Padilla does not offer the service requested.
  • Guidance and updates: We guide our clients through all the steps to follow in any procedure or legal action initiated in order to ensure that they know the current state of their case at any time, and the next ones to expect, as well as any news that happen.

We are looking forward to meet you, do not hesitate in visiting us or contacting us in order to know our team and work culture better. You may contact us via Whatsapp, phone call or email.


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