Commercial and Corporate Law


At MP&A we have a team of experts in commercial law that provides optimal legal advice to individual entrepreneurs, commercial companies and associations.

Experts in Commerce Law

Complete commerce law legal advice and assistance

We offer our clients a complete assistance in the commerce law branch that reach any legal aspect of companies in Spain, whether involving the government, shareholders or third parties.

In addition to this, and thanks to our once again wide experience in this branch of the law, our services include the challenging of social agreements, company administration liability, and the review, translation and drafting of company agreements.


Company agreements review, translation and drafting


Legal reports


Reform of corporate´s bylaws

Corporate structure modifications


Changes in corporate form

Annual general meetings

Capital increases or reductions

Private contracts

Shareholders´ agreements


Contractual negotiation


Voluntary jurisdiction procedures

Managers´ Accountability and Responsibiity

Patents and trademarks

Social agreements challenging

Corporate dissolution

Exclusion of shareholders