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Our areas of expertise

​Méndez Padilla Abogados y Asociados, S.L.P. is a lawyer´s office specialized in Civil and Commercial Law. Our team of professionals has a wide experience in various branches of law, having managed and solved more than 10 000 cases, which include out-of-court or contractual conflict resolution.

English-speaking lawyers in Malaga

We are an experienced law firm with english-speaking lawyers and solicitors in Málaga offering legal advice, consultations, and litigation specialised in:

Real Estate selling and renting

We offer legal assistance in the process of buying, owning, renting and selling your property, including contractual review, translation and drafting, as well as assistance in Notary.


Méndez Padilla Abogados & Asociados provide legal assistance and advice in any issue related to contract performance, execution, fulfilment, interpretation, validity, termination and compliance.

Property and possession procedures

We are experts in the legal procedures regarding regaining possession of your property in Spain.
Our team of lawyers will help you recover your property from illegal occupations.

Flight cancellation refund claims

Being conscious of the inconveniences that an individual goes through when claiming an airline for cancellation refunds or delay compensations, we take that burden off you speeding up the process at the same time.

Traffic accidents claims

With a wide experience in this matter, we offer a comprehensive legal assistance in the process of claiming insurance companies and individuals responsible of a traffic accident.

Out-of-court conflict resolution

When the nature of the case advises so, we are able to design the best strategy for your case in order to solve it outside of court, bearing always in mind the possibility of taking a case to court.

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Our team

José Miguel Méndez Padilla

José Miguel Méndez Padilla

Lawyer - Managing partner

Ana Díaz Rosado

Ana Díaz Rosado


Rafael Roldán Álvarez-Claro

Rafael Roldán Álvarez-Claro


Francisco Javier Rosa Sánchez

Francisco Javier Rosa Sánchez


Sandra Padilla Céspedes

Sandra Padilla Céspedes


Auxi Ruiz

Auxi Ruiz

Administration department manager

Some reviews of our clients

In MÉNDEZ PADILLA ABOGADOS & ASOCIADOS S.L. we take pride in helping our clients and receiving positive reviews such as:

“In Méndez Padilla Abogados we have found and obtained the punctual and necessary guidance for the development of our activity in Real Estate, demonstrating a wide experience and great professional knowledge …”

María Ruiz Fernández

Manager, M1 Inmobiliaria

“Having the advice and help of Méndez Padilla Abogados has given us a great sense of security and confidence for every legal aspect of our activity and the relationship with our clients.

Alejandro Pérez Martínez

Architect, associate and joint administrator, HCP Architecture & Engineering

“Since the founding of Railway Innovation Hub, Méndez Padilla Abogados has given continuous legal advice with the highest level of professionalism, rigour and diligence.

José Ignacio Jardí Cuerda (FERROVIAL)

Presidency, Railway Innovation Hub

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